Air Ambulance

An air ambulance is a private aeroplane

When a medical emergency happens in a foreign country, repatriation by air ambulance is often the most direct and convenient way of returning you or a loved one home for vital treatment. It’s also extremely fast – we sometimes organise flights within hours of the first phone call.

In essence, an air ambulance is a private aeroplane or helicopter that has been specially modified to enable emergency medical care for a patient while in transit. EMS 24-7 uses a network of high quality private aircraft across the world, each of which has been carefully designed to allow for minute-by-minute treatment over short, medium or even long-distance flights. Each plane or helicopter comes fully supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and medicines. A team of qualified experts travels with the patient to provide emergency care during the flight.

Lightning response

Every air ambulance operation is a bespoke service that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. But it all starts with a phone call. When you dial our 24/7 enquiry line, we’ll connect you immediately to an experienced medical coordinator. They will discuss your situation and take down your details. They will then advise you about the best options for repatriation. In certain circumstances this might involve transit by road ambulance with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) instead, or on a commercial flight accompanied by a qualified medical escort.

We know how stressful and confusing medical emergencies can be – especially when they happen to a loved one far from home – so we aim to answer all your questions clearly, simply and quickly. We’ll come back to you with a quotation within hours, if necessary. We can even help you to explore alternative options if you discover that your insurance company will not be able to cover the cost of the repatriation. Every patient’s concerns and requirements are different, so we calibrate the service precisely to your needs.

Once we have the go-ahead, we’ll put the air ambulance service into motion. We take care of all the details, from start to finish. EMS 24-7 will take down your passport details and arrange the relevant customs clearances. We also handle all the communications with the hospital doctors on the route and we can ensure that medical staff are on standby at the destination airport if necessary. We can even organise landing slots and arrange for an ICU-equipped ambulance to transport your patient from runway to hospital.

Support you can trust

Most importantly, we’ll keep you and your relatives closely involved in the process. Just tell us who to keep in touch with, and we will be in close contact with them throughout the journey from first collection to end-point – and even during the flight itself. EMS 24-7 is there to support you all the way.

Network of high-quality air ambulances

An air ambulance is needed when time is of the essence. Often this is the case when medical emergencies happen in a foreign country. That is why our air ambulance services are available 24/7. At every moment of the day you can contact us to arrange a safe ambulance flight. EMS 24-7 uses a network of air ambulances, private planes and helicopters that are worldwide available. Our medical aircrafts are all specially modified to enable emergency medical care for patients in transit. The private planes and helicopters of EMS 24-7 are supplied with medicines and state-of-the-art equipment, ranging from a vacuum mattress, an oxygen reserve and a defibrillator. Before the flight, our medical professionals observe closely whether all necessary equipment is available. At every step of the way, our experienced medical professionals make sure your loved one is under the best possible care

high quality air ambulance

Why choose EMS 24-7

Repatriation with an air ambulance should always happen fast, safe and secure. Our medical team ensures that your friends and family members come home in a safe and responsible way. We understand that arranging repatriation via an air ambulance can be a stressful process. That is why we are proud to offer an unburdening service. We offer a complete bed-to-bed service and organise everything that is necessary to bring your loved ones home. EMS 24-7 liaises with hospitals and medical institutions from all over the world. Whether your loved one has a medical emergency in North-America, Africa, South-Europe, Asia or Australia: we are here to help and offer medical flights from every continent. In most cases we will reach the patient within 24 hours. And he or she will return home within 48 hours after contacting us.

  • Available 24/7
  • Trained medical professionals with many years of experience
  • Complete bed-to-bed service
  • Safe and secure back home within 48 hours
  • Network of high-quality air ambulances
  • Receive a free quote for our bespoke service

Quick, safe and secure

An medical emergency in a foreign country can be very stressful. That is why we will constantly stay in touch with all relatives closely involved in the process. From the first collection to the end point, and even during the flight, the medical professionals of EMS 24-7 will stay in close contact with family and friends of the client. Our medical airplanes are equipped with satellite phones that make it possible to contact relatives worldwide. Furthermore, we understand that you need a clear and fast answer to your questions when a loved one needs help. If necessary, our medical team will come back to you with a quotation within hours. We are even here to help when you discover that your insurance company will not cover the cost of the repatriation via an ambulance plane. Simply contact our trained professionals for fast and reliable advice.

Contact EMS 24-7 for a free quote

Looking for an air ambulance company to repatriate a loved one? We will bring your loved one home safe within 48 hours. Simply contact us and we will arrange the most fitting solution. Our multilingual, medical team is able to support during repatriation from any country in the world. The cost of a flight ambulance is always case specific. We encourage you to get in touch with our medical experts for a free quote. Our medical coordinators aim to reply within one hour. Contact us via +44 20 3514 6797 or simply fill in our form. The medical professionals of EMS 24-7 are always on standby to support you.


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