Frequently Asked Questions

Does the patient receive food/ drinks during the transport?

The patient receives during the transport both hot and cold foods/ drinks. The medical staff of EMS 24-7 will take care of it and so of the costs.

Will EMS 24-7 take care of the communication with the hospital? Will EMS 24-7 take care of the hospitalization?

EMS 24-7 will communicate with the hospital to take the burden of the patient. Hospitalization is taken care of as well by EMS 24-7

Can the patient bring any luggage or a weelchair?

The patient can bring 1 piece of luggage. If the patient brings a wheelchair, it has to be a foldable non-electric wheelchair.

Can the patient go to the bathroom during the transport or is changing material required?

If the patient wishes to visit the bathroom we will visit the next toilet-stop available. If the patient can’t go to the bathroom on his own, the medical staff will help.

Can a Family member or friend travel in the Road Ambulance too?

If the medical condition of the patient permits it, we normally allow one extra person to travel with the patient in the ambulance. Every patient’s needs are different, so the final decision in each case will be taken at the beginning of the repatriation, by the Doctor or Paramedic in charge.

Will you ring us before arriving at the final destination?

About an hour before arriving at the final destination, we will ring the designated contact person to let them know when we expect to arrive.

Is it possible for the patient to sit or lie down in the ambulance?

The stretcher can be put in a flat position for lying down, as well as in an upricht position for sitting. We can switch between these positions while on the move, so we don’t have to stop the ambulance to ensure the patient is comfortable.

Will a qualified Doctor or Paramedic be part of the medical team during the repatriation?

Every case is different. Our medical repatriation team is chosen based on the needs of the patient and their medical situation. We send either two paramedics or a paramedic and a doctor.

How quickly can you start the medical repatriation?

Immediately. We can often begin the repatriation on the same day or the next day.

What languages do you speak?

We can help you in many different languages- and if we don’t speak your language, we can use an interpreter. We speak English, of course, but often also communicate in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Polish, Spanish and Turkish.

When do you need the payment?

We always take payment before we begin the repatriation.

Do you have standard prices?

We work with a fixed price, based on the number of hours we estimate the repatriation will take. Unless otherwise stated, our price includes everything- food and drinks, medicine, medical staff and crew.


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