Medical Escort

If you or a loved one get into medical difficulties while travelling, you need to know that you will be able to get home quickly and safely in order to receive further treatment. But in some cases the costs and logistics of being repatriated at short notice can be considerable.

That’s where our Medical Escort service comes in. For situations where there is no immediate threat to life – a skiing injury, for instance, or broken limbs and other non-urgent medical issues – the plan provides a secure, cost-effective means of getting back to your home country swiftly, for ongoing care.

How it works

A Medical Escort is a qualified medical professional, or team of professionals, who travel alongside you while in transit to take care of your needs. When a patient needs to be repatriated quickly, we contact our commercial airline partners to secure a place on the nearest available flight home. We take care of every detail, from beginning to end.

We’ll arrange for an ambulance to take your patient to the airport. Once on board, the Escort will make sure they have everything they need for the journey: they bring all the necessary medicine and equipment with them. During the flight, this might mean administering pain relief and keeping the patient hydrated and comfortable. In more serious cases we can provide oxygen support, or even construct an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment if required.

When you land, we’ll arrange for your patient to be collected at the airport and taken to the destination hospital. We can also call ahead so that medical staff in the landing country are on standby for the patient’s arrival.

The key benefits

While there are several different methods of repatriation, and varying reasons why you might use each of them, a Medical Escort offers several key benefits. The service is:


Transferring a patient by scheduled flight is significantly quicker than using a conventional ambulance. Repatriations can be complex and even risky, and speed is often of the essence.


There is no distance limit for a repatriation under medical supervision. We have transported patients from every corner of the globe, from Mexico to Spain, Germany to China.

More economic

Using a commercial airline usually proves much more cost-effective than chartering a private flight – particularly over long distances.

Get in touch

If you are wondering whether a repatriation by a medical escort is right for your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +44 20 3514 6797, by email at [email protected], or by chat.

Our team will be able to help you think through your options and advise on the best way forward. Alternatively you can fill out a contact form or submit a free quote request – without any obligation – to give you an accurate idea of what’s involved. We’re here 24/7 for any questions you may have.

Medical escort air travel options

You might wonder what a medical escort exactly is, and how it is different from repatriation via an air ambulance. A medical escort is a team of medical professionals who travel alongside the patient while in transit to take care of their needs. Whereas repatriation via an air ambulance happens via a private plane, this is not the case with a medical escort. The first thing we do when you contact EMS 24-7 is to create a clear picture of the situation of the patient. Also, our medical coordinator will asses all challenges involved. When we decide that an injury or illness is not life-threatening, bringing the patient home using a medical escort service might be the best solution. For example, this might be the case after a non-severe skiing injury or when the patient suffers from a broken leg. When the medical condition of the patient is more severe or even life-threating, we can advise to make use of our reliable air ambulance services.

Medical escort commercial flights

The type of medical escort service we provide, depends on the physical condition of the patient. Is the patient able to board the plane – with or without the help of a wheelchair – and is the patient able to sit up during take-off and landing? Then our medical team can escort the patient in business class or first class. EMS 24-7 cooperates with commercial airline companies that offer privacy and sufficient space, so the patient can lie down comfortably when the plane departs. Is the patient unable to sit up straight during landing and take-off? Then the trained medical team of EMS 24-7 can construct a stretcher across three aisles of seats in economy class. Here, your loved one can lay down before, during and after the flight. Furthermore, the stretcher area is screened off to allow for more privacy. In these instances it might take two to five days to arrange a flight.

Medical escort air travel

Why choose EMS 24-7?

Repatriation with a medical escort after an accident or a surgery is a complex process. Furthermore, these situations can be extremely stressful for both the patient and the family or friends. That is way it should always happen fast and secure. The medical escort team of EMS 24-7 ensures that your loved one returns home in a safe and comfortable manner. We offer an unburdening bed-to-bed service and liaise with hospitals and medical institutions from all over the world. We can arrange a commercial flight with an experienced medical escort team from any continent: ranging from North-America to Africa and from Asia to Australia. In most cases we will reach your loved one within 24 hours, and the patient will return home safely within 48 hours after contacting us.

Contact EMS 24-7 for a free quote

Do you want to know whether a repatriation by a medical escort is right for your medical situation? Feel free to contact the medical coordinators of EMS 24-7. Give us a call via +44 20 3514 6797 or simply fill in the form for a free quote. The medical professionals of EMS 24-7 are always on standby to support you. In emergency cases we aim to reply within one hour. EMS 24-7 is your trusted and experienced medical escort company.


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